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A few of my Favourite Things #2

#2 Building Materials and Products

In the long-awaited (yes, it's been a few months!) second edition of my 'Favourite Things' series, I'll be introducing some of the materials and products popular in our office at the moment. These range from render and paint finishes, to insulation and construction materials, to fixtures and fittings. And you'll see these in some of our projects that are starting construction in the coming months


ROCKCOTE RENDERS We love Rockcote renders for their beautiful texture and finish. Their range of Natural Material Finishes and paint are low VOC and non-toxic and they offer a wide variety of external and internal finishes. You'll see a selection of these products on our upcoming Tuscan Villa Sanctuary project. See more >>


PORTERS PAINTS These high quality paints are very popular in our office, particularly the soft eggshell finish which gives a subtle yet luxurious aesthetic. And not only do they have a gorgeous selection of colours but their paints are also low VOC. You'll see some of their colour palette in our upcoming Stonehouse project with some stunning eucalyptus green tones inside and wattleseed exterior. They also have some amazing specialty finishes which we're excited to try (given the opportunity) See more >>


RECYCLED TIMBER We incorporate timber in our projects at every opportunity! Its soft, natural and warm aesthetic makes it suitable for any project, old or new. With so many species and different finishes available, we love how each application has it's own unique flavour and how that changes over time. Recycled timber offers the next level of character, whether used for structure, cladding or flooring - we love the story that the old timber has to tell, plus the fact that we're reducing the demand on new growth. See more >>


PAULOWNIA Although we love using solid hardwood timber, we understand that sometimes the budget doesn't always allow it. We've found this option from the Royal Paulownia tree which offers a great alternative. It's super light weight, making it very effective when used as ceiling lining boards as it allows for quicker and easier installation. Australian Timber Ceilings offer a wide range of profiles and finishes - and the fact that they come pre-finished reduces time and labour on site. This is a great sustainable solution due to tree's quick growth and knot free structure (no waste). See more >>


BRODWARE TAPWARE We are loving the broad collection of tapware that Brodware has to offer with a range of styles from classic through to modern, along with their large range of finishes. In particular, we are drawn to the 'Living Finishes' range which will age naturally with time to produce a unique look to each product. We're looking forward to sharing photos of the weathered brass fixtures going into our Stonehouse project. See more >


LIFE PANELS Building insulation isn't the most glamorous topic, however we are excited about these products from Life Panel. New to the Australian market, these are made from recycled wood fibre and have high thermal and acoustic properties. They are breathable (so moisture doesn't get trapped in your wall cavity and turn into mould) and of course non-toxic and eventually bio-degradable. The combi panels are super versatile in their application and can be directly rendered or clad, again reducing materials and labour on site. See more >>


PROCLIMA Again, it's not often that building wraps get a great rap, because you never see them within your roof and wall cavities. But Proclima offer a range of wall and ceiling wraps and sarking which provide weather tightness to your building whilst also being breathable - avoiding moisture build up and the threat of mould. They have a range of products that are low-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, meaning a healthier home for you and your family. See more >>


PHOTOVOLTAICS We are blessed to be living in such a sunny part of the world, so why not utilise all this amazing free energy. Photovoltaic panels are a great way to reduce your energy costs, while also generating sustainable energy for your home. Government rebates make it more cost effective to get set up with solar, and if you're interested in getting off the grid altogether, batteries are now becoming more efficient and effective and may be more affordable than you think. See more >>


HEMPCRETE We've been watching the team at Balanced Earth and the amazing things they are doing with Hempcrete. Rapidly growing in popularity, this material is made of a mix of hemp fibre, natural lime binder and water, packed into formwork. We love the earthy and natural character and texture of these walls, and the fact that they continually absorb carbon from the atmosphere for the life of the building! We could keep going on about all the benefits, but just jump onto the Balanced Earth website and you'll find out a whole lot more. See more >>


I hope this inspires you with some great products and finishes for your own build or renovation, and keep your eye out for our next post in which we'll share with you 10 more of our favourite things!


Fiona and the Sanctuary Design Team

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