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A few of my Favourite Things #3

#3 CHRISTMAS EDITION - Edible Architecture

What a year 2021 has been! We've been blessed with great projects and wonderful clients, and had our fair share of challenges too. So to spread a bit of Christmas Cheer, this newsletter profiles some awesome Architecture - but this time it's all edible!

Obviously some people have way too much spare time on their hands, but hope this inspires you to get creative with your Christmas baking :)


1. FALLING WATER GINGERBREAD HOUSE Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Falling Water house has been recreated - with gingerbread and sugar paste. Not a project for the feint hearted and it looks a bit too good to eat! See more >>


2. MID-CENTURY MODERN This mid-century take on a gingerbread house is pretty cut, and I'm particularly in love with the liquorice Eames Chair and the rest of the mid-century furniture. The level of detail is impressive! See more >>


3. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM, NEW YORK At a glance this could be mistaken for a photo of the real thing! But this Guggenheim Museum (original also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) is made from sugar paste and liquorice - and it's pretty convincing. See more >>


4. THE LOUVRE, PARIS Sheets of melted sugar give the transparency of glass in this replica of The Louvre in Paris, made all the more realistic with the silhouette of the original Palace behind. The original Louvre building dates back to the 12th Century and was constructed as a fortress. After 16th Century reconstruction it served as a palace to King Louis, and later became an Art Museum. Architect I M Pei designed the iconic transparent pyramids which were constructed in the 1980's - a bit of historic architectural trivia for you there! See more >>



While we're in France, we couldn't go past this impressive re-creation of the Palace of Versailles. Only when you click through to see more, do you get an understanding of the intricate detail of the decorative icing. It would be sure to test anyone's patience! See more >


6. TAJ MAHAL A slight deviation to India and while this one was a photoshop project, it was too cute not to include. The reimagining of the 17th Century Architectural Masterpiece includes marshmallow, wafer sticks, cream and cherries - yum! See more >>



These English Architects obviously had too much spare time on their hands, but the result is pretty impressive! Take a look at the creations of more than 60 gingerbread structures which form an entire city and test out some futuristic ideas in delicious ways :) See more >>



While the structure of this gingerbread cathedral is impressive in it's own right, I love the stained glass windows, made by melting coloured candies. The real Notre Dame is one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture, taking nearly 200 years to build. However in 2019, a devastating fire ripped through the building and reconstruction is still underway. See more >>



I loved this gothic inspired gingerbread house for it's sense of whimsy and fantasy - and the lovely detailing too. I've no idea how it stays upright! See more >>



Can you believe it? This life-sized cottage is actually made of gingerbread and is entirely edible (apart from the fairy lights). It landed a place in the Guiness Book of Records in 2013 for being the largest gingerbread house ever constructed. It's like Hansel and Gretel all over again!


So to wrap up, a word of thanks to our wonderful clients for allowing us to do what we love to do and for trusting us with your projects. A big thanks to all the consultants and building contractors we work with - I believe the collaboration is what helps us deliver the best possible outcomes for our projects. A massive thanks to my staff and contractors - Jesse, Aso and Emma, who always bring their best to work and without them, Sanctuary Design Studio just wouldn't be what it is! To Ellie, my business coach, who has really helped me work smarter and have more fun running a business. And finally to my family - Adam and my girls. Thanks for your endless patience and love. It's my girls who inspire in me the legacy I want to leave behind - To Touch the Earth Lightly, and the Soul Deeply.

We'll be back in the office from 11th January and we're looking forward to more exciting projects in 2022.

Merry Christmas!

from Fiona and the Sanctuary Design Team

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