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Don't want your New Home or Reno to cost the Earth?

Did you know that it takes on average 40 trees to build a home?

And did you know that the Construction Industry in Australia contributes to nearly 20% of carbon emissions?

Here at Sanctuary Design Studio we care about the impact that our work makes on our planet, so we’ve decided to take some pro-active steps to minimise our environmental footprint.

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with the Australian Organisation 15 Trees.

For every one of our new home builds, we’ll purchase 45 trees to be planted

For every home renovation we’ll purchase 30 trees

Our goal is to plant at least 500 trees by the end of 2021!

Visit the 15 trees website for more info, and of course, if you’d love to match our contribution for your project then let’s talk further. One of the things we love about 15 trees is that you can track exactly where your trees have been planted – pretty cool hey!

Along with passive design incorporated in our projects and selection of environmentally friendly materials, it’s one more way of making a more positive impact on our beautiful planet.


Fiona and the team at Sanctuary Design Studio

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